Re: SC502 Old Enough to Smoke?

Larry McDavid

The Tek SC502 full manual is available on the TekWiki website here:

I have a SC502 that works ok. I also have a SC504 that works ok.


On 6/2/2020 12:40 PM, DaveH52 wrote:
I have a TM506 that came with a full load of plugins, all of which seem to work OK except the SC502 which emits a magic smoke smell. My uncalibrated nose tells me it's coming from the A1 main board on the bottom. My uncalibrated eyes did not detect anything looking discolored or burnt just an old spider nest that has since been removed. My uncalibrated nose says it's not coming from the HV supply section. Are there any "usual suspects" I should investigate first, before applying power again?
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