Re: looking for 5500 uf cap for tek 475


Osh park has some boards open hardware the price is for 3, I used them in a 576 repair that is on you tube if you would like to see what they look like.

On 6/2/2020 12:47 PM, Harvey White wrote:
You might be able to find designs on line (perhaps Seeedstudio?) and have them made in China.  Postage to the US is nasty, about what you've already experienced, but to AU?  no idea.


On 6/2/2020 10:44 AM, VK1GVC wrote:
Jeff, I see you've found them on fleabay but FYI Michael posted about 10 days ago that they were eBay item 273254508468 where I found them too.  The cost of a set of boards is USD11 whereas the postage to AUS is about USD19 - hardly a good deal unfortunately.  I asked the seller about any less costly postage and he said he was bound by eBay rules to have package tracking, hence the cost.  I guess I'll do without.

Hope your postage costs within CONUS are a bit more reasonable!


On 3/06/2020 12:14 am, jeff corey wrote:
Wow, thanks to all for your prompt responses!  I found the adapter boards on fleebay and will order some and re-cap the 5 caps in the PS with newer technology.  I have been away from my roots as a EE  running a sucessfull IT company that pays more, but with quarantine and all i have had more time and interest in repairing old equipment.  Component technology has sure changed since the big can capacitors we designed into the 48 v power suplies at the ITT phone company where I started.  I remember a tech soldered one in backwards and I was up on a ladder debugging some wirewarap backplanes and it narrowly missed my ear as it shot its outer can off like a bullet.

Of course now that I have gotten reinterested in boat anchor tech the Hamfests are a distant memory.  Hope they can start up again!

Jeff  WB9KAZ

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