Re: 7904A checkout + calibration


The plugin's could be checked in with a DMM and a frequency counter If i remember correctly. I think a 100 Mhz scope was helpful for some wave shapes. But the main reference for the PG501  is DC and the TG501 is a frequency counter.

On 6/1/2020 4:59 PM, Chris Wilkson via wrote:

Yes, I know....if it ain't broke, don't fix it! I'm a firm believer in that!

But I have way too many of these things, all acquired with variations
on "it used to work...I'll sell it to you cheap". Seriously. I have at least 20,
maybe 30 frames and about 85 plugins. Something must be done! They're
just sitting in storage costing me money and getting even older.

The situation here is NONE of them are calibrated or even known working.
And I don't have the working signal sources needed to set the scopes up.
Plus I don't want to go through the effort of bringing all of them back to life and doing
any or all of the legendarily hard service procedures only to find out later that I set
everything to the same *wrong* values on multiple scopes.

I'm perfectly fine with "almost perfect" performance. They are analog instruments
approaching 50 years old after all. But I do want to be able to trust them for what they are.
I also have some ideas for new plugins that I want to experiment with and when I'm
designing and tuning those I want to have a known good base to design to.

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