Re: 7904A checkout + calibration


If I remember correctly if your goal for the frame is evaluation, then really all you need a scope for is ripple measurement on the power supplies. If I remember correctly. For the most part everything is done through the calibration fixture. You do need to send some signals to the scope for things like geometry adjustments and the like. The plugins are typically adjusted after the frame is finished. I have a second calibrator the -01 But it needs a cam switch wheel it is missing out of the unit. So at the moment non functional. Also what plugins do you have? I am a ways to the south of you but not cross country. You can shoot me an E-mail off list if you would like more info.

 Before you even do anything Cal related do you know the unit even needs adjustment? Of the frames I have done they were all only slightly out. Actually less then the 3% and only on some of the adjustments not even all of them. You can sanity check the scope against a square wave generator even the calibrator on the scope is good for “is it in the ball park” comparisons. If you have to go in the 7904A I took some pretty good high res photos in there but there are ceramic hybrids ALL over in that one. If you wanted to try tackling the adjustment on your own I would get a 7603 or a 7704 or 7704A to try first 7603 can be had on E-bay for around 100 some times even with plugins. Mine came with a time base and a 7A18.


On 6/1/2020 2:30 PM, Chris Wilkson via wrote:
PS. I'm leery of shipping these things. I've had a few frames destroyed by UPS "keg throwers". That's why I said close to Detroit so I can drive them myself. But I'm open to other options too.

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