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Hi David,
Everyone should know how to do what I am about to explain since it is so handy:

At the bottom if each email you receive from TekScopes are 4 links. The first one in the email you just posted that I got says this:
View/Reply Online (#167699):
If you click on that link it will take you to and show you the message you just posted. At the bottom of that web page is another box that says
"View All 12 Messages In Topic"
Click on that and you can see everything written about it so far including my original post you are looking for,

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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I guess I missed the email about the manual site being discussed. Would some one, please, repeat the address of the site.



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I am not sure if I am happy or disappointed about this site. I did a spot check on the HP manuals ( I have a comprehensive list of over 100 I scanned and uploaded) and found that every one I checked are scans I did for the The differences are that they have the acknowledgements removed, some front/back covers removed, and in some cases a little cosmetic work. Some have the color in the text removed. A good example is the HP 1704B Service or the 130B/BR.
I guess the upside is that the scans are being used, so they have some value.

I have been scouring the web for 20 years looking for Tek, HP, Heathkit, and many other manuals and I cannot remember seeing this exact site with this navigation/color. It looks a bit like another that had similar content. It might have been there with a different web layout. Have to look back at my saved links.

Interesting comment on full-sheet scans. I will often do full sheet if it will fit on my scanner (scans up to 11.7 x 16.5), or will do overlaping 16.5 scans if over that. Most people cannot print these out and they are a bit small on most monitors so I have gotten feedback to break these up.

I provided the 410C alternative 1 and 2 manuals on the hparchive which are very clear but I did break up the schematics to make them large and legible. Are they unusable like that?


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