Re: 7904A checkout + calibration


Hey Chris,

    What you need will vary greatly based on the plugins you need calibrated. I have not done a 7904A mine did not need adjustment but I have done 7603's and 7704A's to do one "right / by the book" it is a pretty involved process at a minimum you have 3 calibration documents you have to work through, The frame then vert amp then time base. Also depends on the vert plugins you needs calibrated. 1 plugin or both or more. For the most part the signals needed are pretty modest up until you do the high frequency calibration of the vertical amps. Anything over 200 Mhz the sources can get a little exotic. Tunnel diode pulses. So the limits of my bench at this point are 500Mhz I cant do a 7104. Before I did my own I got one quoted from Tek If I remember correctly they will still do a factory calibration on a 7K frame but I think the 7704A was $1,100 for the calibration. It inspired me to do my own.


On 6/1/2020 11:14 AM, Chris Wilkson via wrote:
All of this 7904(A) talk has inspired me to get my 7904A (SNB011071) checked out and calibrated.
But I don't have the equipment to do it. Does anyone here do scope calibrations for hire within say 200 miles of Detroit?

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