Re: 7904a raised name badge?


As someone who feels style is important as well as function, I have wondered why Tektronix never (to my knowledge) used any sort of medallion on their equipment beyond a silk screened trademark. For what the instruments co$t, something three dimensional like an RCA or General electric "meatball" or the old Collins emblem would have been very appropriate. Fluke, DuMont, Fairchild, and in many cases, Hewlett Packard embellished their work with medallions or plaques.

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On 6/1/20 10:56 AM, Chris Wilkson via wrote:
There is a 7904a mainframe, SN B010951, on ebay here:

It has a raised Tek badge that I've never seen. Is that a factory installed badge, or something aftermarket?
My 7904A (#B011071) doesn't have it and none of the other 7000 scopes that I have seen has it.

For posterity, I uploaded some photos in the "7904A raised Tektronix badge" album.

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