Re: Nice Document Site with Tek manuals; New to me

David Hallam

I guess I missed the email about the manual site being discussed.  Would some one, please, repeat the address of the site.



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I am not sure if I am happy or disappointed about this site. I did a spot check on the HP manuals ( I have a comprehensive list of over 100 I scanned and uploaded) and found that every one I checked are scans I did for the The differences are that they have the acknowledgements removed, some front/back covers removed, and in some cases a little cosmetic work. Some have the color in the text removed. A good example is the HP 1704B Service or the 130B/BR.
I guess the upside is that the scans are being used, so they have some value.

I have been scouring the web for 20 years looking for Tek, HP, Heathkit, and many other manuals and I cannot remember seeing this exact site with this navigation/color. It looks a bit like another that had similar content. It might have been there with a different web layout. Have to look back at my saved links.

Interesting comment on full-sheet scans. I will often do full sheet if it will fit on my scanner (scans up to 11.7 x 16.5), or will do overlaping 16.5 scans if over that. Most people cannot print these out and they are a bit small on most monitors so I have gotten feedback to break these up.

I provided the 410C alternative 1 and 2 manuals on the hparchive which are very clear but I did break up the schematics to make them large and legible. Are they unusable like that?


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