Re: Tek 4041 GPIB Controller

Monty McGraw

In my 4041 experiments this weekend, I was able to run the System Verification program by transferring the .asc version I have archived from my PC into the 4041.

However, I have to modify steps 4 and 5 in my process:

4 - Set up Realterm to send the .txt program file you want to transfer into the 4041. start Realterm SEND - the file is loaded into 4041 memory as though you typed it :) 5 - Type SAVE "filename" to save the program in 4041 memory to the filename you enter in quotes

Alternatively, you can just run the program you downloaded into memory by typing RUN.

I did this for the System Verification program, as I am still having issues auto loading that tape. I think the COPY command I used to transfer to COMM to the PC retries more than the LOAD command.

I was able to test the Front Panel display and even tried testing the printer. Still have printer issues - but I don't think I have to fix it.

I have also transferred the CPU board with V2.1 firmware into the chassis that had the extra COMM and GPIB ports.

I then successfully bootstrapped the 4041 to use the COMM0: port as console with my Tektronix 4052 with the console in "Storage" mode.

I also got COMM1: working with my PC at the same time.

I am experimenting with translating one of my 4052 games to run on the 4041 and output the graphics to the 4052

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