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Well Hello Magnus!
You have been very quiet for a long time.
It is nice to hear from you.
I hope all is well.

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Good Day,
thank you for this great write-up and insights! , Dennus!The key take-aways from this are still absolutely relevant today.Think of the ongoing overkill of announcements of useless or irrelevant features in the Smartphone industry today or 8k-resolution TVs with a screen size simply too big for the average EU house... And then a competitor comes up with an online store that simply works. Cheers, Magnus

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It didn't mention Tek but it mocked the new features
of the 7K scopes as irrelevant "bells and whistles". One of those bells and
whistles was Barrie Gilbert's revolutionary on-screen readout.

I may not be a Electronics Genius, but I do know the "sales game". HP mocked TEK's "bells and whistles" because those were the most visible and attractive features, the ones that the engineering community (plus others) wanted and usually needed.. Competitive company's "Marketing Departments" almost always mock features that they really have no answer for, deflect and distract is the plan. Sales and Marketing are 90% BS and 10% knowledge.

It would appear to me that TEK established the on screen readout first, probably because it was the most difficult to implement as it was "new technology". Bells and whistles sell products, generally much quicker than "technical specs". You can always "fix" bandwidth, triggers and all that other stuff. TEK laid the cornerstone for the 7K series and built from there, they were playing the "long" game; however they certainly knew they were behind at the time. HP had a technically superior product, but only for that instant in time. After that, as Dennis stated, HP played catch up or just stopped playing.

For me personally, the HP scopes are just not attractive in their esthetics. No offense to those who like them, just my personal preference and opinion. I find that the earlier TEK scopes almost always had a more intuitive layout on their scopes and a more attractive panel design. In the categories of Esthetics and ergonomics, the devil is definitely in the details, TEK got it right most of the time. Either brand of scope is likely much more capable of performing than my poor old brain is in understanding.

Great piece of information and history from Dennis, Thanks Again
Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, Arkansas

Dennis Tillman W7pF
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