Re: Nice Document Site with Tek manuals; New to me


I checked my links and see I visited the site in the past and they had a different link icon and page when I originally saved the link. Guess that site has been around for at least a decade.

I do the same thing with wide pages. I have an HP printer that can print out to probably 54 inches in length but I am just too lazy (cheap) to buy long paper. I tape them up too. This has made me learn to scan wide schematics with the save area preselected and just move the paper. When I print out 11X17 sheets, they can just be taped together in a convenient spot. However, I do tend to take the board layouts and charts and enlarge them to be sure they are really clear, and image edit the photos and waveform photos to make the contrast so you can read them clearly.

The HP scans were intended to put on the HP Archive site but in the end they were intended to be high quality scans, with OCR, to be used by people like us fixing old test equipment. So I guess they are in a good spot. This is true for any scans besides HP as well.

I scan what I have and post in various places but there is still a lot of equipment out there with poor scans or no scans to be found. You should check out Artek Manuals if you can't find what you want on line. I have bought a few from the site and the prices are reasonable. Think about spending a week or month looking for a clean PDF verses spending about $8 to $12 to just get the manual and get back to troubleshooting.

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