TLA711 Benchtop controller schematic needed

Jim Ford

Hi, everybody.

I'm looking for a schematic for the Benchtop Controller module that goes in the TLA711 logic analyzer mainframe. The Benchtop Controller says "039-0039-03" on it, and I have the service manual for it, 070-9778-03, but it doesn't contain schematics for the boards. didn't have it, nor did BAMA. Anybody have one of these? I'd pay for one; <$100, else I'll just get a TLA704 on ePray.


Jim Ford
Laguna Hills, California

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Subject: [TekScopes] Nice Document Site with Tek manuals; New to me

I just discovered a new (to me) source for documentation and I am scratching
my head wondering why it took me so long to stumble across it since he says
his archive has been available since 2007 and it contains over
At first glance it appears to have as much as The Boat Anchor Archive.
I haven't had a chance to explore what it offers us but there are 637
documents / manuals / etc listed for Tektronix.
It has a very nice, clean web interface.

The Tek documents start at

The home page is at

The owner is:
Oliver Poggensee
Zeppelinplatz 1
25335 Elmshorn

This is what Oliver says on the site's home page:
I am happy to welcome you on my site. This download archive has been
available since 2007. Starting with a few hundred manuals, there are now
well over 11,000, and new ones are added every month. I have designed these
pages to help all people who own and use old electronic devices. So that
they can be maintained, serviced and repaired more easily, quickly and
professionally. No matter if it is a radio, a television or a measuring
device. The main focus of these pages is on older devices, but you can also
find some technical documentation for newer devices here. With my own search
for good download possibilities I often found fake pages, where you can't
download the manual you are looking for, or dubious dealers selling the
manuals that are actually freely available, I want to counter this with my
site. I hope that you will use this offer actively and that it is useful for
you. All manuals here are completely free and can be downloaded directly
without any restrictions.

Do you have any manuals or images of your device, please upload it here and
share it with others .

I have taken the effort to collect all information available about the
respective manuals. There is for example a preview of the first page, the
page number, date of publication and many other information.

I don't want to compete with professional schematic services, most manuals
are of medium to low quality, not comparable to the high resolution scans of
professional service providers. All manuals have been provided by users from
various sources. I have attempted not to publish material from professional
service providers here, but if there is material from a professional service
here, I will delete it as soon as possible. For this purpose a short message
is sufficient.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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