Re: Advice about buying a 7904

Roger Evans

I have a 7904 and a 7934 (obviously different but I believe the PSU is very similar to the 7904A). I find the fan noise of the 7934 becomes a distraction after a while when you are trying to concentrate on something else, but I agree, if you find a nice scope of either the 7904 or 4A then you should be happy with it. If you are concerned about the pulse response for very fast risetimes I would recommend the 7A29 over the 7A19. I have two 7A19s and they are very difficult to set up for clean pulse response, you need an extender (which I don't have) and decent non metallic tools to adjust the hairpin inductors which work harden slightly after several attempts to adjust them. The 7A29 has a much cleaner step response but may be getting hard to find.



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