Re: Encouraging beginners: What are we accomplishing?

Lawrance A. Schneider

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 10:52 AM, LarryS wrote:

I thought I had read somewhere the actual figure was 83%. You must be right!


87% of all statistics are made up on the spot.


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Does anyone have any idea, statistically, of how many scopes die from
beginners trying to repair them verses those that die to tube harvesters or
relatives who have no interest in "Bob's" old scopes who send them to the

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In answer to your question, ANY time you bring in fresh blood, it's
better for everyone. Every time. No exceptions. A rising tide floats all

Right now, Harley Davidson is facing 'massive restructuring'. Why?
Their rider base is literally dying off.
I'm involved in several other hobbies and pursuits where young blood
is not entering. They are dying. And with it comes a similar
intellectual cannibalism.

As any discipline dies, like analog scopes, the entry price will be
lower and lower. Soon, for rummage sale prices, the once-crown-jewel
pieces become affordable. In 1983, how many 60s fastback Mustangs
were parked behind gas station garages (remember those?) and could be
had for a couple hundred? Many were chopped and otherwise brutalized
in ways I can't describe. But such is the price. Today, they're
worth more than most people's financials.

There were many thousands of units produced of scopes and cars and
organs and everything else. Some will live nice lives and some will
die horrible deaths and grownups understand this. I've been the
careless kid and the fastidious curator, but at both extremes I remembered
the Prime Directive:
this thing is MINE, not yours. If you're worried about it, you can
buy it from me and store it away. If not, tough.

If we want a growing following, then we have to let the newbs make
their mistakes and learn as we did - yes, even on top tier equipment.
If it grows enough, someday my old junk might be worth as much as I
think it is now. If not, someone will speak poorly of me as they
shovel it all out into a dumpster after my demise.

Besides, if it tracks like everything else, one day some others will
join your song and these units will skyrocket - at least temporarily.
I own a Hammond console. In 1988, it was dumpster fodder. By 2010, it was
Today, it's maybe $4k. These things have a cycle and scopes are
certainly no exception.

Anyway, help every newb you can. If they want to try their hand, the
answer is NEVER "let someone else do it". They're gonna do it wrong.
Just as wrong as you and I used to do stuff. The sooner they learn to
do it right, the sooner everything gets better.


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Subject: [TekScopes] Encouraging beginners: What are we accomplishing?

Hi all TekScopers:
Reading through a long thread, recently posted, caused me to wonder..
just what are TekScopers accomplishing with threads like this... and
why are we encouraging someone who is "... new to electronics..." to
dig into a 475?... one of the most complex, and compact, analog
instruments ever designed.
I suppose.. in consideration... Michael discouraged the use of a Mr.
Carlson super Weller-kluge special, on the 475's pcb(s)... but, ya know...
somewhere the thread... the 475 owner hints he paid 20.00 for 475?,
and he's also got a nonworking? PM3218 too.
So why didn't someone just recommend/... right off the bat... to take
475 to someone who knows what they are doing... drop another 100.00 on
it... and then he'd have one of the best scopes ever made.
Or alternatively... and better... just start in on the PM3218...itself
a very fine instrument, with a double insulated power supply... and
way overkill, for a beginner.
Look, I'm not unsympathetic... it's just that...too often.. after
parting with some scarce cash... or finding some Tek picked apart in a
basement somewhere, where its been languishing for a generation...I've
witnessed the havoc wreaked by someone trying to "fix" them.
If you want to call me a dumb ass... for thinking this way... well fine...
just PM me to do it. I can't promise I'll reply to that... but, I'll
read your message.
Best regards and wishes.

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