Re: Encouraging beginners: What are we accomplishing?


Many enthusiastic youngsters had comparable experiences with instrument companies in the 1960s. General Electric and to a lesser degree RCA were also very kind to young hams and experimenters. I spent my youth in a place where one huge chemical plant dominated the local industries. They had an extensive outreach to youngsters showing interest in science and especially technology, it paid off for them by providing an abundance of techie kids applying for employment after graduation. This was the company that invented super glue, at the time it was still under patent and only available from them. Their recruiters always came prepared with lots of it that didn't quite measure up but was still very usable. An occasional Tektronix, General Radio, or Hewlett Packard manual would also be in their bag. None of us with "pump gas-cut grass-throw papers" money could afford anything Tektronix unless we were exceptionally lucky and it for some reason showed up at the local scrapyard that took in from many regional industries. While some of us had driver's licenses, most of us got there on bicycles or walked. One testament to the quality of equipment was how well it survived a few miles in a bicycle trailer or cart.

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 5/27/20 10:36 PM, stevenhorii wrote:
My experience with Tektronix began far before I had a Tek scope. I was
about 11 years old and saw advertisements in Scientific American for
Tektronix oscilloscopes. I wanted a catalog to learn more about them. I
wrote a letter to Tektronix (I believe it was to the HQ in Beaverton)
asking for a catalog. Whoever received it must have figured out I was a kid
- no company name or address and clearly a home address. Best regards and wishes.

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