Re: Encouraging beginners: What are we accomplishing?

John Crighton

Hello Dennis,

Denis Cobley was his name, I spelt it incorrectly.
If you look up the old messages you will find him.
In regards to test equipment repairs, Magic flowed
from his hands and he had an encyclopdiac knowledge of Tektronix scopes of that era.

The little company, "TrioSmartcal", where he was the service manager changed its name as it merged
and got absorbed by other companies. Over the years
all the people that I once knew have drifted away so I
do not know where Denis Cobley is today. One of the most helpful men I have ever known, I learnt a
lot from him.

More than a decade ago, thanks to this group, I met Denis Cobley and got a job when I needed one. That is something more than just luck!

John Crighton

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Hi John
Thanks for the reply and the very interesting story.
I feel like I know Denis Cobly from somewhere.
I did a search of my email but didn't fine anything.
Would you ask him if he recognizes my name, and if so, from where,
Thanks, Dennis

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