Re: 475 questions


Hi Michael,

I had noticed that page of the manual in passing, but did not study it, as I assumed it would be following the same standard used elsewhere. Thank you for pointing out that that is not the case. I now have that page printed for easier reference in the future and have verified the correct cap rating using it as you describe. The diagram also shows the vertical stripe as indicating the positive lead. However, as you indicated, the voltage rating corresponding to the gray color of the vertical stripe is not designated in the chart. If we call it silver, rather than gray, the chart remains ambiguous as to voltage rating. I assume that since the C1304 is supposed to be 50V ±20 that that is what it is. As you said, no way to tell by looking at the capacitor, itself, though.

How did you know what voltage is being used by the circuit on the A7 board?


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