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Hi Michael,

Very good to hear that Tek has that convention, as it confirms what I thought about how these were oriented before I took them out. Experience is so very valuable when it comes to this kind of thing. Thank you very much for sharing yours!


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The square pad is TEKs way of designating the positive side of any polarized
device. So Yes, square pad is + side of the Capacitor. This also applies to
diodes as well. Sometimes Tek will use the square pad to designate the number
one pin of an IC, however, this is not universally true. The number one pin
can also be designated by a small round dot on the PC board, adjacent to the
pad. The number one pad is sometimes not identified in any manner. My
experience is working many of these 4xx Series as well as other contemporary
Tektronix instruments. This holds true on almost all the instruments that I
have personally repaired. I do not always depend on the color codes on these
caps, I tend to rely on the values stated in the schematics and in the parts
list. One thing that I try to do is take a picture of the area of the board
where I am working, BEFORE I make any changes and I try to document exactly
these sort of markings for later reference.
Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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