Re: Encouraging beginners: What are we accomplishing?

Reginald Beardsley

It's a lot easier to fix a scope if you have a working scope. I bought a 60 MHz dual trace Dumont 1062 from Tucker in Dallas around 1990 for $300+. About a week after the 30 day warranty expired the horizontal section died.

Not realizing at the time I could have traced the sweep circuit using just the vertical channel it sat for some time until a traded a pair of 141 MB ESDI drives for a wonky 465. It worked just well enough that I was able to fix the Dumont after which I fixed the 465.

I'd never done this level of repair before. I just kept plugging away after work each evening until I got them going. That said, I did have a wide range of experience repairing things, so I had learned the important part, the thought process. And I had repaired my Heathkit IO-18 when a shorted cap blew up a pair of rectifier tubes. Before I got that all I had was a VOM and DMM which I used to fix stereo gear I fished out of the trash and sold.

I think it should be pointed out that the more you know, the less you need in the way of test gear. I did not read the 475 thread because i have no experience with a 475. Did anyone suggest using a blocking capacitor to measure the ripple on the +50 V line with a DMM? In short, was he told how to make the needed tests with the equipment he had available?


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