Re: Encouraging beginners: What are we accomplishing?


Hi Roy,

I understand where you are coming from with your post.
I also followed initially the thread started bu ciclista41@ with "475 questions", and I answered some of them.
I was not the only one, other members made their contribution too.

What discouraged me of continuing was the concern of all what could go wrong with an inexpert ciclista repairing the complex scope,
and also the fact that many good intentioned contributors with different ideas would only create confusion.

I looked at his thread just now, and it seems that ciclista41 is still struggling with the low voltage supply, the +50V, while asking himself why nothing right appears on the screen.
I truly wish that he finds one component that fixes his +50V, and then all the other supplies fall automatically in line, and then maybe... maybe he gets some sign that the scope is alive.
If this is not the case, it hurts me to think of his disappointment, and all his efforts that will not have been successful. So I hope for some good luck!

It is much easier to advise, to help a person who is more expert, perhaps at the same level or above one's level, who is simply missing some particular experience one can provide. Not missing a complete education in electronics.
It would also be easier if a person like ciclista41 starts off with a project that is less complex, (although, what is more simple than a linear power supply?)

I pass no judgment of your opinion and that of other members including myself. Things are what they are. And there is no doubt that we all have plenty of good will !


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