Re: Encouraging beginners: What are we accomplishing?

David Hallam

Sorry about all the partial posts.  It seems as if Thunderbird was saving parts of my draft and sending them when I stopped typing.


On 5/27/2020 10:33 AM, David Hallam wrote:
I will put in my 2 cents worth here.  I have a 465, and it had been in storage for about 2 years.  It wasn't working when I got it out to use.  Have owned it for about 7 years using in my trouble shooting and repair work.  The scope's case never been off.  I am a complete novice when it comes to SS electronics.  I have been a ham for a long time and have used, repaired, and home brewed tube type transmitters, receivers, and accessories.  With the help I got on TekScopes2, I was able to quickly locate and fix the problem with my scope.  I always welcome knowledgeable help from anyone.


On 5/27/2020 1:14 AM, Jim Ford wrote:
I agree with you, John.  At first I was dismayed at Bruce's many posts, but then I thought, hey, I have no experience with the 475 and no interest in one, so I'll just delete the darn posts! Simple as that!

Bruce, knock yourself out!  Post as much as you need to to get the information you need to fix your scope.  Good luck!

Jim Ford

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