Re: 475 questions


Hi Michael,

I think you're on the right track. I don't know where I got it, but if you search for sjcc002.tmp, you will find a document showing that the Tektronix 475 with options 4 and 7 is known as OS-261 C(v)1/U by the US Army. On the back of my scope is an adhesive plate indicating that this scope is that very scope. On page 57 of that document, the C1091 and C1093 capacitors are identified as 196D225X9025HA1. I discovered that 199D225X9025HA1 is a substitute. Both are Sprague dipped tantalum, 2.2μF 25V (not 20). Guess I'll have to start relying on this document for parts rather than the standard Tektronix 475 document.



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