Re: 475 questions



I forgot to mention that I WILL be investing in a higher end DMM. While the GME-236, a recent acquisition, is quite handy for quick checks of ESR of in-circuit caps to find questionable or bad ones, It was fairly useless in checking the recent six big ones, as four were out of range and it only read one of the other two. But perhaps that was because the capacitance of the in-range one had fallen below its lower measurement threshhold. On the other hand, it would have been nice to know what the problem was rather than just getting no reading on that one. My most recent DMM, the Tacklife, I purchased because I was installing solar on the roof of my long, tall 2007 Sprinter van. Never completed that project, as major work on three houses got in the way. It's going to happen, as I had a remanufactured engine installed in it, and intend to hang onto it as a great utility vehicle as well as camper. I think the Tacklife is good for that and most house wiring, but by my definitions, that's electricity, and this scope is electronics. Different needs, obviously.

As for the error I made in that earlier post, it wasn't the first and won't be the last, but I did realize my mistake as I was thinking about it the next day. My fading mind substituted "Amps" for "AC", which of course makes no sense beyond both beginning with "A". It's current that must be measured in series, and that has nothing to do with whether it's AC or DC. I know better, but "wires crossed" when I wrote that. Not some kind of typo, just a dumb substitution. Thanks for the polite, gentle explanation, as opposed to the slapping my head that I did when I realized what I had done!


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