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Hi Raymond,
It is a 3 prong MALE plug sticking out the rear of the instrument with a plastic shroud around it to prevent you from touching a hot connector.
There may be pictures of the connector on the back of the instruments Sean mentioned up on TekWiki so you could see for yourself what they look like. They were not un-common until the mid-1960s where the danger was more appreciated and where we switched to worldwide 3 prong power cords that adhered to standards like the IEC 60320 or NEMA power plugs which are also used in the US.

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I dint have those types if scopes. What do they look like ? Picture would be nice

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For instruments like the 114 pulse generator, 184 time mark generator, and more. Does anyone know of a good place to either get these power cables? I have one, that came with my Type 114. With a 184 on the way, I'd like to find another.



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