Re: 475 questions



Yes, I'll be digging deeper with the suggested references. I will download the 465 manual. I think it may be time to get a hard copy of the manual for this thing. I can blow the diagrams up on the computer, but my attempts to print them out have not been reliably readable. I don't like being restricted to 8 1/2 x 11" paper and having to literally cut and paste to get a useful scale.

Ace Hardware is handy and they sell brass rod in various diameters. When I get these caps out, I'll have an idea of proper diameter and I'll either upset the short pieces to make them snug (wish I had a metalworking lathe, but I don't), and drill the lead hole with my drill press. I may need to find a Dremel drill press and Dremel, as I have done much more woodworking than electronics, and so my tools are much larger than the optimum.

I am a former bicycle racer--one of the best in Arizona in the mid 70's- early 80's. I competed around the US, Canada (BC only), northern Mexico, and New Zealand. Some thought that since I wasn't good enough to make a living at it, it was a waste of time. Some 40 years later, I don't regret it a bit! I developed the ability to suffer both mentally and physically. I learned that what one does today may not pay off tomorrow, but it will pay off in weeks or months. I discovered that it can be both fun and rewarding to push oneself past perceived limits toward actual limits far beyond, and even to expand beyond the initial actual limits. It helped get me though surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments five years ago that were hellish. So yeah, I think I can handle some struggles with teaching this old dog some new tricks even though I'm well past my prime physically and at least some past my prime mentally. The encouragement and well wishes are always welcome, though!


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