Re: 475 questions


Hi Albert,

Are "low-homic" current sensing resistors different from any other resistor of the same rating?

I checked my vast supply of components and found four 47K ohm resistors. By the way, that is my entire collection of components, unless you count various non-working or old devices on boards taken out of service before they quit working. I still have quite a few even though I took a load of that sort of thing to the city's special collection day for all sorts of recyclables when we moved from Tempe to Mesa about three years ago. Rather than buying new computers when better ones became available, I would hand the older motherboards down to my son, who would get an upgrade from his previous hand-me-down, and I would get the best I could of approximately 2-year-old technology at sale prices. That way, I could afford to "keep up." So, I have several motherboards from computers that my son no longer used, as well as the occasional computer power supply that no longer had the proper connectors for the new boards I got. Then, of course there are various obsolete routers, low baud dial-up modems, and some non-computer boards from appliances that quit or were replaced with improved ones. One of the reasons I ordered a powered solder sucker was to make cannibalizing these old boards for devices with which to build or repair new stuff. I'll see if I can find some low-homic resistors unless you tell me what you prescribe is something different.


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