Re: 475 questions

Albert Otten

On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 04:02 AM, <> wrote:

Yes, I re-read them just after turning the scope off, before my last reply,
and I re-read them just now. All three are shorted regardless of the polarity
with which I measured them. So it's surprising to me that the board doesn't
pop, get hot, or release magic smoke when I run it.
Hi Bruce,
Strange indeed that you measure 0 ohms at some LV lines while they come up to several volts when the 'scope is powered up. Is there any chance that something is wrong with your analog meters? As a test you might measure the resistance of those low-ohmic current sensing resistors R1478 (3 ohms) and R1468 (0.6 ohms) if these are easy to access.

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