Re: Update on my 7854 diagnostics project

Holger L├╝bben


The trick is: In this case the front panel is also a pcb ;-)

This board is 0.8mm thick, white soldermask and black silk screen.
Here is a closeup of one of my red & white ones:

If you look closely you can see the copper borders under the silkscreen

There a two downsides:
1) You can't get inner holes with sharp corners - usually you have to deal with 3mm corners. Thats the reason why my 7854 keyboard overlay card has a big hole per keyboard row - compared to individual holes for each key on the original card
2) I've tried a local pcb manufacturer and one of those cheap chinese ones and both reuqire at least one pad on the pcb. Thats the reason for the two pads on my panels.

But beside from that: They are great and look even better in real world.

If you want to have professional front panels you can also use services like That's one of the local german ones, but I think you'll find such a company in every country.


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