Re: Questions I have if Attachments are Permitted


Hi JJ,
It was nice seeing you at the meeting the other night.

I never gave this any thought until you brought it up just now. You are correct. The person uploading the pictures doesn't have to say anything at all about what the photos are, why they are there, when they were put there, or who put them there. That is a drawback.


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I haven't followed the attachments argument this time around - it comes up once per year and it's always the same questions, answers and end result.
But, one issue I found was that the photos in the galleries aren't back linked to the thread - so you basically have interesting photos with no discussion. That is, it's a bit disappointing to browse the images, find something interesting and then be unable to put the image in context with the thread from where it was referenced.
Has this changed or am I just not using it correctly?


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