Re: 475 questions

John Clark

Congrats on the scope! A few years ago I came in here barely knowing what a scope was, how it worked, or even what it was supposed to do. I had acquired a non working 475 from my father who had recently passed. It sat in the corner for a year with me not knowing what to do with it but not feeling quite right about tossing it out. After one day when my computer monitor quit and I was successful in reviving it with a couple of cap replacements I decided to go after the scope. The folks in this group helped me get mine going.

What I'd suggest is reading through the service manual and studying the diagrams. I did have enough knowledge of reading diagrams and with help from the great people here I had my 475 working. So, if I can do it, you can do it.

I would strategically test the power supply circuits and troubleshoot them in the order suggested by those here and the service manual. I wouldn't just throw caps in it just randomly. After I got my scope working I did replace some tantalum caps that were known for failure but only after I had it working and just for preventative maintenance. You always risk damage to the board any time you effect a repair.

I'm not good enough at all this to be much more help but wanted to give you some confidence that even an extreme novice like me was able to fix my scope. It still works to this day...again thanks to everyone here.

Good luck!
John in Charlotte

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Hi Barry!

I appreciate the positive words! I don't quite have that level of confidence, but since those who have gone before me in similar efforts have been successful, I guess it's not out of the realm of possibility for me, as well!


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