Re: Questions I have if Attachments are Permitted

Vintage Test

I agree wholeheartedly with Linda - upload to the files area and reference in the body of the text. I live in central Scotland and am lucky enough to have a 200Mbps fibre connection to my ISP, so it doesn’t bother me. Like Paul, it. Was there for day 1 of the WWW and remember the the modem chatter of the day. I later got ISDN, the most reliable connection ever, with no contention ratio as it is essentially an end-to-end connection, but only 28kbps ( never could get the channel bonding to work) Anyway Dennis, my vote is no attachments, for all the reasons discussed here - place a link in the message to the files area, that way, people can decide whether to follow the link or not. Keep up the good work - this forum is totally invaluable!🙂

All the best,

you can never have enough oscilloscopes, DMMs, valve testers or soldering irons . . .

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