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Hi Michael,
By now several members have posted about the all too common myth that everyone in the US (the most high-tech country on the planet) who wants a gigabit connection to the internet just has to ask for it. The truth is going to shock you.

TekScopes membership is worldwide. The other thing you completely forgot is that the United States population is only 328 million people. What do you suppose the internet connectivity of the other 96% of the world's population is like?

Last question for you: What do you do when the Tek portable scope you were using to troubleshoot a GPS receiver craps out? The answer is easy: You send an email to TekScopes with a description of the problem and you hope for a quick answer? Now imagine you are on a coastal freighter that left Houston 2 days before bound for a research station in the Azores to drop off supplies when that Tek portable scope died. Next consider what happens if you don't get the scope fixed in time to repair the GPS receiver that the crew on the bridge was relying on to navigate the ship.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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First let me say, I am happy with whatever the Administrator and Owners of this group decide. I will adapt as needed.

I have a serious question about this and since I seem to be quite oblivious, here goes:

QUESTION #4: If almost all TekScopes members have no interest in the
sketch you attached to your message why should they have to download it to their PC and pay data charges for something they will immediately delete once they see what the attachment is about.<<

My Question: Who pays data charges in today's world? Comments seem to indicate that many here use "metered" connections, and I simply did not realize that those were that common these days. My ISP is unlimited up and download as far as I know (Yes, I realized that download is MUCH faster than upload speeds). I have not paid data charges in decades. Keep in mind, I live in rural Arkansas, so I am not even close to the "bleeding edge" of the internet or cell coverage. I'm just happy to have relatively "High Speed" internet. This applies to my phone and home ISP. I am just asking so that I can learn. This seems to be a huge issue for many on this forum.

Please advise and educate, as you always seem to be able to do.

I appreciate all that you do and the great benefit of this forum.


Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, Arkansas

Dennis Tillman W7pF
TekScopes Moderator

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