Re: 475 questions


Thanks, Keith! Appreciate the rectifier replacement info!

Now that I look again at the large caps, it appears to be relatively easy to replace them without removing the board. Don't know what I was thinking. Since they are electrolytic, I'll just have to mark them for polarity and location so I get it right with new ones. I can solder long leads on the new caps to make it easier to fish them up through the holes in the board, then trim them off again once they're through. Even if smaller, I think I can shove them up in there and get the leads to go where they belong, and the bottom side of the board is easily accessible for soldering.

I have a Weller gun 140/100 watt depending on trigger position. I also have a Yihua 8786D. Are you saying the Yihua won't have enough thermal mass for the job? Paul of Mr. Carlson's Lab on YouTube says the Weller is great if you replace the tip with a short piece of bare #14 copper. Will even solder to a chassis with that setup. I'd have thought the lack of control compared to the Yihua would disqualify the Weller for the rectifier job, though.

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