Questions I have if Attachments are Permitted


I have no personal preference for or against attachments.
I do think it should be a requirement that "Attachments must, above all
else, do no harm."
From what I have learned so far I have a few unanswered questions that must
be resolved before I can make a decision.

These are my first three unanswered questions. I will add a 4th question
after I explain how an email program works.
QUESTION #1: Are the benefits to those who want attachments greater than
drawbacks they impose on everyone else? Read the section below titled "How
Internet Mail Programs Work" first before you answer this question

QUESTION #2: The posts that include attachments will not go through to
TekScopes until the attachments can be opened and checked for size,
relevance, and viruses at a minimum. How long are you willing to wait for
your poat to be checked and accepted? What should be done if your time limit
comes and goes without checking your attachment?

QUESTION #3: Who has the time to check the email with attachments? No one
has offered me an answer so far.

How Internet Mail Programs Work
This is my understanding of how internet mail protocols work to accept a
mail from one member and send it to all our members:
* When you attach a napkin sketch to your email and press send the Simple
Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) takes charge to insure it gets to your
* The initial destination is a mail server run by that maintains
the TekScopes mailbox.
* maintains a list of TekScopes' member email addresses, their
delivery preferences, and (if attachments are permitted) their Max
Attachment Size preference.
* For the members who set their delivery preferences to "Individual
Messages" and their "Max Attachment Size" to larger than the attachment, will send the email and the attachment to the mail server the
member's email account is on.
* This will result in the original email and its attachment going to
thousands of email addresses.
* Each of the thousands of member's mail servers will store the message and
the attachment until the next time the member connects to their server to
retrieve all of the email messages and attachments waiting for them.
* When you tell your mail program to download your mail it starts sending
all of it to your PC.
* Think about the last time you received a large attachment in an email. If
you have a very poor or intermittent connection you might have no choice but
to reconnect several times to receive an entire large attachment.
* Recall how long it took to download an entire large attachment to your PC.
That is because all of the data in the attachment is now on your hard disk.
You paid for the data to go from your ISP to your PC. Notice that if you
click on the attachment with your mouse it opens immediately. That is proof
that it is on your hard disk. This is the basis for my next question:

Please read the nine bullet points above before answering this next
QUESTION #4: If almost all TekScopes members have no interest in the napkin
sketch you attached to your message why should they have to download it to
their PC and pay data charges for something they will immediately delete
once they see what the attachment is about.

If you have solutions for my four questions please contact me off list using
this address
dennis at ridesoft dot com
Change the subject to "Solutions" or "Answers".
Please answer all four questions as succinctly as possible.

Dennis Tillman W7pf

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