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Hi David,
You have surprised me and educated me for the second time today.

In my original email I said I had a carrying case for a single TM500 plugin. What you show on your web site:
is what I thought was my TM500 carrying case because it was much shorter than the other two carrying cases (which added 3" to 4" to the length).

Obviously as you pointed out, it is for 7000 plugins. It must have a limited purpose since it is not a carrying case and it can't power a plugin. That makes it only useful for protecting a 7M11 Dual Delay Line while it is being used since A 7M11 does not require power and does not need to use up a valuable slot to perform its function.
Mark Pilant confirmed that TekWiki says it is for the 7M11.
Dave Casey explained why it has no cover and that there is a rackmount 6 wide unit that can store 6 plugins.


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Thanks for pointing out that the 7000 series 2 wide and 3 wide Carrying Cases are listed in the 1985 catalog.
I never would have found them without your help for lots of reasons: there is no picture of them; they are buried on the very last page of the catalog; and there are hundreds of other things listed on this page in tiny print.
It appears Tek didn't make a single wide carrying case for the 7000 series. This explains why I have never found one.
How about the 437-0106-00?

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