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Richard Knoppow

Well, CONUS leaves off Alaska and Hawaii and Porto Rico. Would also leave out Canada. Are you in Alaska or Canada? I used to hear "Available only in the continental United States tacked onto radio commercials.

On 5/20/2020 11:13 AM, Roy Thistle wrote:
Hi Richard:
Apologies to have been a bit cryptic... if the name got interpreted that way.
My original post to this group, about "ESR-Meters-North" somewhat explains it... I thought.
But to elaborate: the choice of the suffix "North" comes down to at least two things.
1) For years I got: "Are you in CONUS?" ... "Sorry, you are not in CONUS." ... "Only available in CONUS." Well, I finally figured out that I am not in CONUS; I'm in the NORTH. So that kind of explains it.
2) Just so that someone could start a list with world-wide subscribers, called "ESR-Meters"... and so that they could send out messages with phrases like "Sorry you are not in CONUS,"
Best regards and wishes all.

Richard Knoppow

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