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KeepIt SimpleStupid

As an off the wall idea, maybe can somehow provide links with persistance.  the idea would be a link which would become invalid when there are say "no activity" on the thread for a certain length of time.
There is validity for "forever links" or albums.  If the posters could put the effort into a place for "data" to reside and clean it up at the end of the discussion. Something like posters get access to an area reserved for that thread.  AT the end of the discussion, posters get to decide how to label and keep.
These are off the wall type of suggestions meant to inspire innovation.

On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 1:02:58 PM EDT, Michael A. Terrell <> wrote:

my cell phone has a USB port. I connect it to my computer, then a menu pops
up to let me chose charge only, or to transfer data. The phone is treated
as a USB stick, and you can open the photo directory to view and download
any photos that you want. You can also delete useless images from the
phone's memory. It's faster than other methods.

On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 2:11 PM Chuck Harris <> wrote:


But I make it a point to never go to my web account.

And, I never read the email account I use for groups on my cell

And, I never use the site on my cell phone...

So, absent a way of me emailing a picture, or attachment to the
group's file section, it is unlikely that I will do the steps you

For instance, if I want to put a picture in the record, I have to
shoot it with my cell phone, or camera, and get it to my desktop
machine (email it, or transfer it on a CF or SD card), and then
download it into my pictures directory, resize it, and then head
off to the account, and browse through all of my pictures
to find the right one, and then snarffle it up...

I am lazy, and I think others may be as well.

-Chuck Harris

satbeginner wrote:
Nowadays it's only a few mouse clicks extra to

Put the images (relevant to a new or sny topic) in an new TekScopes

Copy & paste the link to that album into your TekScopes message and all
is ok:

The images are there for those who want to see them, no forced bandwidth

The link between topic discussion and relevant images is preserved;

The images themselves are saved for the future;

Sounds like problem solved?

Just my 2 cents,


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