Re: 93 posts in 7 days about ESR meters IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT TO SAY?

Lawrance A. Schneider

Hello Chuck,

I love your posts; regardless of subject. You seem just short of an encyclopedia. Many of your words of wisdom I collect with my own indexing system. I sincerely hope you do not leave.

I am intimidated at EEV.... , but I have asked a question or two and I've never been hammered into the ground.

I 'hit' the 'quote button'; I hope I end up with green "show quoted text" instead of the whole thing being repeated.


On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 09:57 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:

The problem is, every alternative forum is different in how they
handle questions, their attitudes to newbies, and to well, being used.

They have a culture that takes time to acquire, and a knowledge-base
that they expect you to explore before making a post.

Some even require you to make 5 or 10 posts before you can even ask
a question without being moderated. I have no idea how that even works.

Every alternative forum requires membership, an account of some sort,
and may take days of waiting for everything to get set up... all for
a simple question that might result in a paltry 100 posts on tekscopes.

100 posts in a week on tekscopes is simply a sneeze in the breeze.

If one of us drops into some eeflooble blog, doesn't take the time
read all of the cultural FAQ's, learn their culture, spend days
searching their archives for any mention of some be-all of an ESR meter
... a subject that they have covered extensively, but have become very
tired of covering lately, our member will get beat to a bloody pulp by
the regulars.

Why is it so wrong to ask a question, an off topic question, in a forum
where you know the participants, have already contributed extensively,
and are pretty sure you can get a quick answer?

I was so certain that it wasn't wrong, that I helped to found, and
contributed extensively to, tekscopes2. This was way back when Michael
Dunn got on a funk, and decided to ban a whole bunch or our members
because he simply didn't like them.

I abandoned tekscopes for about 10 years as a result of that purge, and
I only came back when I was assured by Dennis that Dunn was well and
thoroughly out of the picture. Apparently not a true assurance.

I like Dennis, but I am seriously considering leaving this group once
again and going back to tekscopes2. A group where I know my
contributions are always appreciated, and my dalliances in off topic
areas won't be the subject of scorn.

A group where I don't feel like I have to curb answering another member's
nonsense aimed at me, in order to keep the group pure and on topic.

I come here to have some fun with some people I like, not to be scolded
by the moderator.

-Chuck Harris

Tom Gardner wrote:
Can I suggest that one way of reducing off-topic threads is to:
  - quickly discourage them
  - suggest an alternative forum for discussion

For the ESR meter (and many others) the EEVBlog forum would be ideal.
  - already discussed many times there; piggy back off other people's
  - allows attachments (pdf etc), and images can be inlined
  - you can browse/search without being a member
  - it is free to join and be able to post

The moderation is light-touch and effective, the denizens are friendly, and
there is
considerable overlap with this forum, e.g. a thread on 2465b repair with
responses! Some of the posters are decidedly inexpert, but there are some
well informed posters there.

On 17/05/20 06:54, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:
Hi Reginald,
Your contribution was appreciated as was everyone else's. So far you are
the first
one to suggest he expected something specific in return for it.

I think attachments would be very convenient in some situations and are
worth considering. Michael Dunn and I discussed the pros and cons of
attachments earlier today. Michael raised some serious drawbacks they have.
thinking about it myself I saw many other potentially dangerous (yes,
drawbacks to allowing attachments. I documented Michael's and my concerns
in an
email I sent to the head of this afternoon. I asked him to
explain how
attachments would work without any of the dangerous drawbacks we
identified. Stay
tuned for his answer.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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May I be so bold as to suggest that if you enabled attachments we might
more efficiently, thereby reducing the number of posts on a topic?

I think we contributed enough money to be able to afford that.


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