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Richard Knoppow

A couple of things: Some news clients will leave attachments on the server until told to download them. I am not sure if Thunderbird will do this but have used others that do.
   Secondly, there may be a setting on the list server that limits the size of an attachment. One can set it at some reasonable size.
   Thirdly, I think many mail servers have a limit on attachment or message size. I have gotten notices from Earthlink that something I sent was too large.
   Before deciding to ban attachments altogether I think alternatives should be explored. For instance, someone on a metered or slow link might be able to use a setting to leave attachments on the server. I don't know if this is possible for those using the web site rather than a mail client because I rarely use web mail clients but those who do can find out fairly easily.
    I think for a highly technical list like this one being able to post relatively small attachments is almost a necessity. However, I agree that the size be limited. I suggest also that if no attachments are allowed or only small ones are that we find a suitable web site for posting them. There are quite a number but some require a membership or registration. A bit of a PITA but maybe necessary to prevent hacking.

On 5/17/2020 10:24 AM, Jim Strohm wrote:
I agree with Dave on attachments -- not JUST for the cost to deliver (some
folks are still on metered feeds), but also for:
1) the time to download files. I have a fast web connection (at least by
2005 standards) but when somebody inadvertently or ignorantly loads a 1.5
GB file as an attachment, I'm pretty much h0zed until it finishes
downloading. Rebooting doesn't kill the process, since my browser defaults
to "resume download" and so does yours.
2) the file contents. I've been watching trojan files with subtle bemusent
since about 1984, when an associate developed an autoexec file with its
"visible" property in DOS set to "no." He uploaded it to every
public-access computer at the local libraries. Anybody who used A: got the
file, and every time they put that floppy into another computer, it

So for both reasons, I'd be happy if attachments were limited, if not
banned altogether.


Richard Knoppow

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