Re: Looking for a better in circuit ESR meter

Chuck Harris

If my ascii schematic isn't working it is likely because you
have your browser set to substitute your favorite font for the
font chosen by the sender.

About the only time that is a good idea is if you want to see
the messages sent in a braile font.

In any case, the schematic is really too simple to waste much
time on.

-Chuck Harris

NODE #1 (F-Gen BNC center pin, 10K 1)
NODE #2 (10K 2, DUT probe 1, D1 1, D2 2, O-scope bnc center pin)
NODE #3 (F-Gen BNC gnd, O-scope BNC gnd, D1 2, D2 1, DUT probe 2)

David Berlind wrote:

Love this topic. Could someone redraw the diagram as an actual schematic that's posted as an image somewhere. I cannot make heads or tails of the diagram as is, even with the explanation. I think it has to do with how my computer is causing line-breaks and text-wrapping.

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