Re: 7A13 Vs W Plugin



    I would imagine that with modern manufacturing you could source higher precision resisters then what was available at the time anywhere. I know precision resister can run around $20.00 each but those were for voltage reference units for 6.5 and 7.5 digit meters. So some extreme precision


On 5/15/2020 3:26 PM, Michael W. Lynch via wrote:

Since I do not own the Calibration fixture, I rely on the -01 manual Cal Procedure, which does not require that fixture. The Fixture is great when you are doing 576 calibrations regularly or several at a time. It is faster than the -01 procedure as far as I have been told. The -01 Cal procedure requires some special resistors, which TEK offered as a kit. I would like to find that original TEK resistor kit.

Hope you get it all sorted out.

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