Re: 7A13 Vs W Plugin



    Yea it seems I tried to do a hard cal on even harder mode. I actually have the cal fixture which has been useful. I should not have to redo the hole calibration as the display amps are done the W is needed in the step gen validation section all checks no adjustments. It is also needed for the collector checks. I was able to do a fair bit with the cal fixture and the 7a13 but the 13 lacks the 0/1/10/1000 attenuation that the W has. I am in the back 1/2 of the calibration procedure all the adjustments have been done so just in confirmation. I have the -01 on order so I'll see what I need to do at this point it might just need a performance check to finish the validation. In terms of difficulty I am not sure which is worse a 576 or a 485 Laughs. But progress is being made.


On 5/15/2020 12:05 PM, Bill wrote:

I just went through Calibration of my 576 using the -01 version of the manual about a month ago. I don't remember which scope I used but it was probably my Tek 475 because it was on the bench at the time. That scope and a DVM (3458A in my case, but any 4.5 digit DMM would work just as good if it can measure current) seems to have done the job for the check of the "Multiplier" section which is now #24. I cannot remember exactly but it looks like you use the 576 "Vertical, Horizontal and display offset" knobs of the 576, which have been checked previously in the -01 manual, to do this check. I sure didn't use my 7A13 anywhere in the procedure from the -01 manual. The 070-0905-01 version of the manual has completely been rewritten in the "Performance Checks/Calibration" section. Because the 3458A can measure current I didn't need most of the resistors listed in the "Equipment List" but the DVM is limited to 1 Amp so any checks above 1 A did need the 1 ohm resistor (I think). I also needed a few of the other resistors like the 25 meg, 2.5 meg and so on. So you are correct in getting and reading the -01 manual. The "problem" is that you will have to go through the whole procedure from the beginning. Calibrating the 576 is a very time consuming and lengthy one. It took me days to complete, but I was not working at this 8 hours a day. I was also held up by having to fix several problems during the procedure like dirty switches, pots and power supply filter caps that had become "open".

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