Looking for a better in circuit ESR meter

Reginald Beardsley

Please forgive the crosspost, but google and groups.io searches are not finding what I'm looking for. And I'm pretty sure the discussion was on one of these two lists.

There was a thread not long ago about in circuit ESR testers and someone linked to a very short (5-6 minute) YouTube video in which the designer demonstrated his design. In it he was marking bad caps with a marker. The tester in question was available from someone for around $239 IIRC. I think the designer's name began with "M". He also designed another very nice tester which is no longer available.

Distinguishing feature was it stepped through discharge and circuit resistance before evaluating the capacitor. I thought I'd saved a link, but apparently not. Maddeningly, I find messages from the thread I'm looking for but can't find the entire thread. and all I get from google is ads pretending to be reviews.

I'm trying to sort out a PSU problem with a LeCroy DDA-120 for which all I have is a schematic with no component values. Neither the Peak atlas ESR70 nor the BSIDE ESR02 Pro will work because of shunt resistors and diodes.


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