Tek 7K flex extenders available again

John Griessen

The custom connectors were out of stock and going to stay that way because of moving to NM, but 30 of them turned up in the attic,
(lost for a couple years).

So now flex extenders are back, and:

1. Even though they take a little time to assemble compared to ribbon cables, they use good quality 24 gauge wire like the Tek originals did.
2. Flex can be good on the bench compared to rigid.
3. Assembly can be sped up by making notches in wood or plastic with a hacksaw to serve as a wire guide for 4 or 5 wires at a time soldering.
4. The connector dimensions were spec'd after many trials measuring Tek plugins and figuring tolerances, so there is little chance of a short between plugin contacts caused by side to side misalignment of connector and card edge.


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