Re: 2465b possibly really stupid question (noob)

Richard Knoppow

Well, they just want to get their cut of drinking alcohol. Industrial or medical ethyl alcohol is not taxed, only that sold for drinking is. So, its really the drinking that is taxed. The Volstead act, that was the enabling legislation for the 18th amendment made the manufacture an sale of alcohol illegal but not the drinking of it. I suppose it was thought more effective to make it expensive to drink the stuff. This was all inspired by the Anti-Saloon League who were afraid liquor would ruin the youth of America. They succeeded in creating a crime organization that is still with it more than a century later. I suppose the idea is that immorality is OK provided it supports civilization. Well, I think I better get off my soap box. I used to say I would accept the position of divine right monarch, provided the pay was reasonable, but after watching someone else try that I've decided I would rather work for the telephone company.

On 5/13/2020 6:38 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:
It has always bothered me that my government thinks it is righteous
in prescribing non adjudicated capitol punishment for drinking
untaxed alcohol.

-Chuck Harris
Richard Knoppow

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