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Richard Knoppow

Something occurred to me after I hit the send button. Caig makes a version of Deoxit specifically for gold plated contacts. Called Deoxit Gold. Worth knowing about.

On 5/13/2020 9:21 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:
I'm sorry, but as a reformed moonshiner, I have to say you
are just plain wrong!

The usual beginning for distilling ethanol is to take a sugar
mash and let yeast digest it. Depending on what you used
to make this sugar mash; after fermentation, you will have
a wine or a beer.

As a general rule of thumb, distilled wines (fruits) become
brandies, and distilled beers (grain) become whiskey, vodka,
rum, or even moonshine. Obviously, there is quite a bit of
overlap in the categories.

There is no methanol in any kind of yeast digested mash.

The only way to get methanol out of the distillation of
yeast digested sugars is by burning your mash during the
distillation process.

Then it will be the same as the destructive distillation
of wood, which is the conventional method of making methanol.

Stories about moonshiners making their customer's blind are
to a very small extent true, but the root of the tales are from
inexperienced back woods operators being in too much of a hurry,
over firing their stills, and burning the mash.

Additional stories came about because cheap automotive antifreeze
was wood alcohol back during the US Prohibition, and unscrupulous
criminals were reselling antifreeze as moonshine.

Many states, including mine, have banned the sale of technical
grade grain alcohol at liquor stores. Others require special
licensing (including background checks), or paperwork.

-Chuck Harris

Jim Strohm wrote:
Isopropyl alcohol is a different product than denatured alcohol. Denatured
alcohol is ethanol (C2H5OH) mixed with methanol (CH3OH). Isopropyl alcohol
(isopropanol) is CH3CHOHCH3.

FWIW, if you have a clue about how to distill alcohol, you can make your
own denatured alcohol by setting up a still and keeping ALL the product.
The first boil will be methanol. Then the bulk of the remaining boil will
be ethanol. The last dregs will be higher-level alcohols as well as
ketones. DO NOT DRINK THIS!! You will die, or at least go blind.

In either case, you may go to Federal prison (in the USA) since it's
really, really illegal to distill your own spirits, no matter what you plan
to do with them.

When purchased through the usual legal channels, denatured alcohol and
isopropyl alcohol (sometimes called IPA, which is NOT "India Pale Ale")
give very similar results. You can also get technical grade 95% ethanol at
your local liq

Richard Knoppow

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