Re: 2465b possibly really stupid question (noob)


I use IPA, Everclear, acetone, lacquer thinner, and distilled white vinegar on the bench for cleaning agents.

IPA is used in a few forms %70 General dusting and wiping things down. Also for very mild Decontamination/Steralization.

%90 for flux removing where “flux remover” will attack the silk screen.

99.9% for most contact cleaning and I have this in a few bottles but the most resent discovery is MG chemicals has it in an aerosol spray can this an adjustable spray force and long reach straw. High is actually pretty powerful spray. This has been wonderful for cleaning switches in Tek plugins. MG chemicals part number 824-450G. I also have it in bottles.
Everclear is good at removing sharpie from this but it is a really good cleaner and can lift lettering and paint so I use it very sparingly. Don’t mind the taxes as my use rate is really low.

Acetone and Lacquer thinner are used as cleaning agents but not really for contacts and more in board fabrication

I also have some deoxit but I have not had to use that on any tek contacts yet IPA seems to do the trick.

White vinegar is amazing at cleaning up battery corrosion.

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