Re: eBay semi-scammers???


Is anyone else suspicious of some of the auctions on eBay.
Sure. On the other hand, there are dealers selling test equipment who are
completely legitimate, but have no idea how to use or test it. Example:
Outback Equipment

In one
auction, the seller says he doesn't know how to use it, so therefore
can't guarantee it (a 5L14 analyzer), yet has pictures of it in full
Maybe he lucked out and the switches were set properly to get a display.
You are right though, it sounds fishy.

Another of his auctions for a storage mainframe - he says
he doesn't know how to use the storage... Gimme a break.
I find this fairly believable... analog storage scopes are tricky even if
you know what you're doing... and the 7834 is pretty complicated.

p.s., Are 5000 and 7000 plug ins compatible?

For example, my 7S14
has a sticker on it that says 5S14 too.
For that plugin the guts are the same (originally a 5000 series plugin).
Is there some kind of adapter board in the back that has the 7000 edge
connectors on it?

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