Re: Anyone interested a addon plugin that enable you to use 7000 plugins on modern digital scope


On Fri, May 8, 2020 at 08:24 AM, Yang Cui wrote:

Over the time, I find it is just so much pain and effort to maintain these old
scopes, so that I can get good noise performance. That is partially why I
started this project.
Using the acquisition part of a 7704A, as I mentioned in an earlier message, of course is out of the question as a general solution. That's why I like your idea and project.
I have a few Tek-7000 backplanes with their connectors in good condition and others (in the group) may as well, so in case you'd consider allowing for the original backplane connectors as an option on your PCB layout, I'd be all for it... I've unsoldered a number of them, not a big deal - with the right equipment.

Did I mention I'm interested in purchasing a few of your "add-on boards"? Put me on your list for two single units and one double...


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