Re: 2465 Has 2465A Power Supply & Odd Capacitor

Lawrance A. Schneider

Groups will hide the quoted text from users of the website, so
we all get the best of both worlds.

It is up to you. If you don't care if people reply to your
messages, keep making it hard for us to figure them out.

-Chuck Harris

Lawrance A. Schneider wrote:
Thank you!

The "you" was indeed Chuck Harris. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

I don't know how to (in green) "Show quoted text"; it seems a waste of space
to show the actual quote. I am again referencing in particular Mr. Harris but
anyone else is more than welcome to inject.

I care very much. I'm an old man and strongly believe in being polite. I'm older than every professor from whom I am presently (or in the last few years) taken a class. Each is called Professor XXXX by me whereas the other students call them by their first name. My dad would come out of his grave and slap me across the face were I not to show proper respect. This is not the place (group) to explain where I do not follow my daddy's or the military's wishes as to showing respect; some people destroy by their speech and actions any possibility of being respected.

You mentioned a gentleman from whom you got your manual. I got mine from ArtekManuals on ebay. Some manuals are not searchable with a standard PDF reader. Some of those I have used an OCR reader on the file and now the manual is searchable (100% ???). Is it OK to post or give to the sites that have manuals. e.g. Manuals - KO4BB or ArtekManuals? I got a manual for my new to me HP 8116A off of a manual site that was not searchable and OCRed it. Give/post it Back?

Thank you, larry

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